Request Voter Information Card

Voter Information Cards 

Newly registered voters should receive a voter information card in the mail within 7-10 days after the registration process is complete. If you did not receive a card or have misplaced/soiled a previously issued card, please call the Registrar of Voters office at 225-336-2421 to request a new one.

Voter Information Cards can also be viewed and printed on the Secretary of State’s website in the Voter Portal. Log in and click Print Voter Registration Card.Voter Info Card example

Certified Copy of Voter Information Card

Any West Baton Rouge voter in need of a certified copy of his or her voter identification card must come IN PERSON to the Registrar’s Office in West Baton Rouge Parish with a valid Louisiana driver’s license or identification card. Please note that certified copies of voter cards will NOT be issued to anyone except the voter himself; this includes family, friends, and acquaintances.