Williams and Lee Community Center


1631 A Louisiana Ave.  
Port Allen, LA 70767

General Information

  • Owned and operated by WBR Parks and Recreation
  • A brand new facility opened October 2019
  • Covered entrance
  • Commercial kitchen with microwave
  • Outdoor cooking area
  • Men/Women restrooms
  • Seating capacity with tables and chairs-132
  • Capacity without tables and chairs-250

Booking Guidelines

  • You must be a West Baton Rouge Parish resident to book any of the centers owned and operated by the WBR Parks and Recreation.
  • Proof of residency needed for booking: driver's license, voter's registration card or two bills with name and address of the person who is booking the event
  • For weddings, the individual booking the center must be the bride or the groom and/or the parents/grandparents of the bride or groom.

Booking Pricing

  • Bookings are handled by the Parks and Recreation Office at the WBR Community Center in Port Allen
  • Booking Fee: $250.00 due at the time of booking
  • Deposit Fee: $250.00 due 3 weeks before the date of the booked function; deposit is refundable if no damage or breach of contract
  • For weddings booked in advance before the book opening:
    Booking and Deposit Fees: $500.00 due at the time of rental.
  • Forms of Payment: Checks, Money Orders or Credit Card (3% convenience fee) only- NO CASH.